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Consider this...What is your idea of God?

Is He a power of nature?
Is he a person at all?

He is not a person like we are.
He is more personal than we are.
How do we know someone has a mind, thoughts?
God is personal, He has thoughts,
He has a far more complex mind than we could imagine.

Our strongest microscopes have never reached the end of His smallest things..
A smallness He designed.

Our best telescopes fail to plumb the depths of His expanse,
Which He merely spoke into existance.

All of our devices and designs betray our ignorance..
in the minutist details and in facts staring us in the face..

We won't find God in a test tube or graph.
He's bigger and humbler than our minds can contain.
.But we can see His signature in everything..

When I draw people I learn about them by the objects they surround themselves with.
Their pictures, their nick nacks, music, plants,
whatever it is gives me an insight into them.
By our human contact we can capture the essence of their persononality
by their eyes and what pleases them.

More than even the trophies or trappings they have,
people speak through their eyes.

If intelligence exsist at all,
then God must be intelligent
or we'd be superior to this so-called impersonal life force.
If we have love for our children,
God must love,
if we have humor and joy
then God must share all these things as well.
If we can communicate, then God can communicate with us.

God's personality is shown even though we can't see Him.
What I try to capture in my drawings of people
is that inner intelligence or character I see...
and so everything that exsist must show
that first creative energies of God,
His character is revealed in His works.
The emergence of mind and personalities all reflect God,
"everyday" people all have been made in His Image.
We are portiats of God,
all diamonds in the rough.

A mirror can't brag about it's ability to shine or reflect light.

Intuitively we know the difference even as children
between things and persons.
We realize we are individuals,
and what makes us grounded is our relationship to people,
but people can fail us, they die, they move on.
We become even more of a self,
an "I" as we relate to that ultimate grounding of our being, God.

Is it such a leap of faith that God would become a man?
Consider the acts of bravery around you,
the acts of love that defy analysis.
Love is not always logical, nor does it play it safe.
Lover's extravagance surprises us, captures us.
God choose to become a man,
as the lover of all of our being.
Christ words are not the words of a madman,
but of One totally grounded in Truth,
consistant with such wild love for us..
He wanted us to join the DANCE.

..Albert Einstien said this about Christ...
"I am a jew,
but I am enthralled by the luminous figure of the Nazarene.
No one can read the Gospels
without feeling the actual presence of Jesus.
His personality pulsates in every word.
No myth is filled with such life" (* October 29, 1929)
Christ personality is shown by His words and how He lived.

He offered His life,
His Love,
His Blood,
His Mercy,
eternal life
and Peace..

The profoundest truth in all the world
is that reality is basically personal.
God is very personal.

Remember, life is sometimes so much bigger than logic.

Mark W Helms