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Welcome! I chose yellow for this page because, even though some might not think so, yellow is a hopeful color, and these poems show hope, in the fact that the abusers have been left in the dust! Exactly where they should be! Once they're left or gone, things go from gray to yellow, and a chance for happiness and peace has begun to shine through where there was only fog before!

I have written a poem to for everyone to share in the memory of our fallen victim we lost this week Nabihaah

"We've Lost A Sister"

Our heart's are heavy and full of loss,
We've lost another sister, Not just one,
and more than a few.

Another fallen victim of Domestic Violence,
She was more than a statistic to me:
She was a mother, daughter, sister,
and most of all, a friend.

I felt her fear, pain and confusion,
every slap, punch, and destruction
of her self esteem.

We were so close, yet so far apart.
I heard her cries for help, and tried
to reach her, but could not save her
in time, from the hands of that

She saw my tears from above, and
wiped them away, I heard her say:
"Don't worry about me, I am safe,
and free from pain.",

I also heard her pleas:
Love yourself, and work on being safe,
because the next fallen sister could be

Tina M. Klein


I hear the same words over and over
"If you would just give me one more chance,
I will prove how much I love you"

I granted your wish and gave you
chance after chance, and this is
what you have chosen to do with
those chances.

When I needed a kind word,
you said cruel things.

When I needed encouragement,
You told me that I would fail.

Most of all~

When I needed a friend,
I looked, but you were
not there.

Your chances have ran out,
and I realize that you never
really loved me, and do not
know the true meaning of love.

When you love someone as much
as you say you love me,
One does not intentionally inflict
pain upon that person.

Tina M Klein

Was It an Illusion?

As I stand in front of my Ex
now, I can't help but wonder
if all that I went through
was just an illusion

For now, he seems
so nice and kind,
It must have been
an illusion in my mind.

I want to run back
into his arms where
I can be safe from

For now it seems all
of the angry words
have disappeared,
It must have been
an illusion.

If I go back again,
Will the person
I see now,
become another

Tina M Klein


I remember the togetherness
we shared as a family.

We were two people in love
building a family, and a future.

It seemed we had it all,
A business, children, and
each other.

So What happened to us?
We lost ourselves to everyday
problems, not communicating to
each other, our needs and expectations.

Soon: Our resentment towards one another
continued to build, angry words were said
that could not be taken back.

We buried our pain, and went about our
every day life, until we could hide from
it no more.

The day came, when we had to walk away
from one another, and we were left
searching......searching for answers,
searching for the part of ourselves
we lost along the way.

Tina M. Klein

"Living Nightmare"

As I look at the man I thought
would be my prince charming,
I think: If I knew then,
what I know now,
I would have ran far away.

You see, He has turned into a
living nightmare that I can't
seem to wake up from.

In this dream he is my kidnapper,
and I am held hostage in my own home.
I am not allowed to have friends,
or do anything without his permission.

It is my job to make sure his life
runs smoothly, without any problems.
He is like a time bomb ticking, and
anything can set him off.

I have a checklist to go by:
Is the house clean enough?
Are the kids behaving?
Will I have supper on time?
Have I forgotten anything?

I am growing weary of this dream,
and looking for a way to escape.
I need to run my own life, and
be free from fear.

Someday I will escape, and then
I will finally run out of this nightmare
to safety, happiness, and freedom.

Tina M. Klein
"Survivor of Domestic Abuse"