This page is dedicated to survivors of all types.
Those who have been through
abuse, illness, or even the loss of a child
have a special quality that they can share
with others through their poetry. Sometimes just
knowing that someone else has been there,
and made it through, can be the inspiration
to keep going.

When people go through rough and trying times
sometimes sharing with others can be a
big part of the healing process.
This is a place where you can share your thoughts
and inspiration with others! Feel free to email me
any poetry that you'd like to share
with those who are often having to
completely learn to live again.
Sometimes it's hard just surviving from day to day.

This, to me, is the ultimate survivor poem!


The clouds opened with a boom,
The trumpet would sound in tune,
Oh what joy,
The Lord Jesus Christ has finally come this day,
Many have been lead astray,
but today is a very special day,
The lord has come to take up all that believe in him,
I was surprised as a tear rolled down my eye,
Will I be taken or left,
A little bell rang in my head,
I do believe but I have sinned,
But always remember,
Jesus will love you as long as you have faith in him,
To my surprise I ascended with Jesus Christ to heaven.

Cesar Trevino
Used with permission
Copyright 2002 Cesar Trevino


Where could all the children be,
If we could only look and see.
Many have been hurt, and others taken,
If you think its not real, then you are mistaken.
Some are found, and some are not,
But thousands are missing, and thats a lot.
We must all, open our eyes,
Before another child dies.
We must all, join together you see,
For the more we have, the stronger we'll be.
We must stop, the ones who take,
Our children from us,and cause us to break.
We must join, and take a stand,
To do this, we must all join hands.
One alone, is very weak,
But many together,form a strong peak.
Together we can stop, those who do wrong,
But the road will be rocky, and very long.
If we band together, we can catch them all,
And watch them take, their final fall.
We will win, we will not fail.
We'll put the ones who take, in jail.
I'm begging for your help, you see,
Please help us set, these children free.
They do not deserve, to hurt and cry,
They surely do not, deserve to die.
Its up to us to find them now,
To Gods great mercy, we will bow.
Its time to open up your eyes,
Before another child cries.
Help us find them, before its to late,
Don't let them suffer a terrible fate.
Reach out and help, save the children my friend,
Don't let another child's life, come to an end.
Stand beside us, we'll make a strong wall,
To save the ones, who are so small.
I'm sure we'll win this terrible fight,
With Gods great mercy, and guiding light.
Please help us reach, and make our goals,
And save the ones, we call LOST SOULS.

Leila M. Fisher
Used with permission
Copyright 2002

In Heaven I hope that there will be
A special place for Mothers... We'll see
Wake up each day, is there time to pray?
Lord, help me get through one more day.
Coffee made, breakfast started
Already my mind and I have parted.
Get them dressed and on their way
Dear Lord, convince me that there is a way.
Eat your lunch, take your nap.
Dear Lord, around me, your arms please wrap.
It's practice time, where's your hat?
And don't forget your baseball bat.
Dinner will be a little late.
Mind yourselves, I'll be home at eight.
Pick up your mess and take your bath.
You really don't want to face mom's wrath.
Say your prayers. PLEASE! Go to sleep!
(They don't understand that I'm dead on my feet.)
Meals cooked, morning, noon and night
Settling every little fight.
Making it through the daily grind
Trying not to lose my mind.
Help each with work from two different schools
Teach them about life-how not to be fools.
I try each day with all my might
Just to make it though 'til night.
As I lay down upon my bed
So many things run through my head.
What to get this one for her special day?
How to help that one-there's GOT to be a way.
I'm so alone. I really feel this way.
Oh, Lord, help me make it through just one more day!

Copyright Donna Bertram

I will Not Cry

I am a person that you chose as your victim,
I don't know why it had to me, for I was
unaware of your intentions.

I chose to give you kindness and love,
and thought that you would give the same
to me, and that we would build our dreams

It did not happen overnight, or in a week, or
even a year. But, soon my whole life revolved
around YOU....there was no longer "we" in the picture.

You managed to take away my dreams, isolate me from
my friends, and make me feel like I would be nothing
without you. Whenever something went wrong, it was
my responsibility to fix it, no matter what it was.

I spent many of nights in tears, wondering what I have
done to deserve this kind of treatment. I thought
maybe if I am nicer, have the house cleaner, let him
go out with his friends, never tell him my feelings,
that things would be ok.

But, I have come to realize that nothing I ever do
will be enough. There will always be something
wrong that will give him a reason to criticize me.

No longer will I cry for you, that seems to be your
goal and your dream, so I will take away your dreams
as you took away mine. So go tell your troubles to someone
else, because you see, I will no longer cry no matter how
hard you try......

Tina M.Klein