Due to the amount of visitors to this site
I am going to ask for donations
to keep paying for the site.
Today,(October 16, 2002)
there were over 3000 visitors
to the site, which had it shut down
for exceeding the available bandwidth.

I ask two things of you if you find
this site enjoyable and useful:
Please donate a dollar to it's upkeep,
(not required but greatly appreciated)
and pass the site on to at least one person
who you feel might enjoy it and find it useful!

Donations can be made to the site account
at Paypal by using the email associated with
the site, homeschoolplus@aol.com .
This will keep me from having to charge
memberships to use the site.

I have over 4500 homeschool links to add
to this site as soon as I get them
categorized. There are also more games
coming in the next few months
as well as more poetry and a
'Random Act of Kindness' page which
I hope all of our visitors
will enjoy and participate in.

Feel free to email me with any
suggestions or comments, as well as sending in
your most useful homeschool resource links
to share with everyone.

We have to all work together
to make the homeschooling community,
of which we are all a part,
a better place for everyone!
Thank you to everyone who has helped make
this site what it is and what it will become!

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some amazing help were provided by