Peaches, Apples' momma, when she was a baby!

Peaches was spoiled!

Save me! The little black one is Apples!

The momma, ApplesShe's the daughter of Peaches,
and the mother of our current little babies!

Apples likes to watch TV

She also likes to read!

Bo, when he was born
If Bo had been a girl, we'd have
named him Holly, for Holstein,
but since he's a boy, we named him Bo, for bovine.

Bo, a little bigger

Bo's cute little face!
He's such a doll!

Got Milk? This is Tiny Girl. We had to feed
her with a dropper, and got
seriously attached!

Tiny, learning to eat soft dogfood She was NOT happy about this!

Light reading I guess she will like reading, too, but
it sure tires her out!

She's so loved!

But how could you not love this face?

Tiny riding the duck

Tiny naps on my husband's tummy If only we could all get so comfy!

Tiny likes kisses! (So do we!)

Wicket, the one who got away. We couldn't
keep her because three is enough!
But she went to a loving home.
This is how she liked to sleep.
It was so funny!

Rusty who lives in Oklahoma. Huge dog who would
lick you to death before he'd bite!

Rusty is an OU fan! Me, too! Go Sooners!